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Commander SP Variable Frequency Drives


Widest range of system integration features

Unidrive SP offers the widest range of system integration features, each drive can accept three option modules, allowing you to select the level of integrated automation / motion control, connectivity and I/O that you need. Click on the options tab for more information.

High performance motor control

Unidrive SP is applied in the most demanding applications, where dynamic, high performance motor control is required, from precision automotive test stands to high speed manufacturing machinery.

Backup power supplies for continuous operation

Back-up power supplies ensure  the drives are always ready for action, eliminating start-up routines and providing safety back-up for critical equipment.

  • 24Vdc input for control - Allows the control circuits of Unidrive SP to remain active when the AC supply is removed. This enables fieldbus modules, application modules and encoders to continue to operate.
  • 48-96Vdc input  for power - Allows the drives power output to control the motor, often used for emergency back-up situations such as for moving elevators to an exit during a power supply failure.

Flexible power systems - lower harmonics

In applications where there is a significant amount of stored mechanical energy, the drive must be able to transfer the energy from the mechanical system to control the motor speed. Unidrive SP can be used to return excess energy to a shared DC bus or to the AC supply. Benefits include:

  • Energy saving
  • Sinusoidal input current (low harmonic content)
  • Unity or controllable input power factor

OnBoard PLC

Unidrive SP has a built-in programmable controller. It is configured using an easy-to-use ladder logic program editor, suitable for replacing relay logic or a micro PLC for simple drive control applications.

Easy Parameter Back-up and Copy

The Smartcard is a memory device supplied with every Unidrive SP, it can be used to back-up parameter sets and PLC programs and copy them from one drive to another.

  • Parameter and program storage
  • Simplify drive maintenance and commissioning
  • Quick set-up for sequential build of machines
  • Machine upgrades can be stored on a Smartcard and sent to the customer for installation

Integrated brake resistors

Unidrive SP frame sizes 0 to 2 feature an optional heatsink mounted brake resistor. This arrangement simplifies installation and requires no additional space.

Flexible mounting

Unidrive SP panel mount drives can be surface mounted or the heatsink through panel mounted, allowing the heat to be dissipated externally. This reduces the temperature rise inside the control panel. An IP54 (NEMA 12) mounting kit is included with the drive as standard and IP54 (NEMA 12) versions of the heatsink fan are available as an option. This mounting method allows smaller enclosure dimensions and reduces the need for ventilation.

Safety as standard

Unidrive SP’s Safe Torque Off (STO) is a functional safety feature which complies with EN/IEC 61800-5-2 SIL 3 and is built in to the drive as standard. When the Safe Torque Off function is active, the drive output is disabled with a high degree of integrity.

  • Certified by BGIA and TÜV
  • Allows the drive to become part of the machine safety system
  • Reduces user cost in machine safety controller designs that must comply with EN/IEC 62061 up to SIL 3, EN ISO 13849-1 up to PL e, EN 954-1 category 3 and EN 81-1 for elevators
  • Eliminates one or more power contactors
  • Eliminates feedback checking arrangement
  • Drive can be powered continuously

Safe Torque Off can form part of an EN 954-1 Category 4 system by adding additional control circuitry.




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